Mush with PRIDE News

June 2018


Resuscitating Mush with P.R.I.D.E.

The Iditarod mandate that racers adhere to PRIDE Kennel Guidelines has resulted in renewed interest in the organization, and we are hopeful that can result in fully resuscitating the organization.

To keep everything legal, above board and transparent, here is the process we intend to follow:

1) Form Interim Board by appointment 

2) Solicit nominees for election (filling 10 seats, with no more than 8 from Alaska) 

3) Interim Board approves list of nominees 6 weeks before election date.

4) Secretary prints and mails paper ballots to all current members.

5) Secretary and one additional board member count ballots 4 weeks after election date.

6) Board certifies election and selects top 10 candidates based on majority of votes.

7) Election results are publicized and directors assume new seats immediately.

Check back often for more details!

To submit your name (or someone else's) for nomination to a seat on the Board of Directors you may do so by Email to